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Here’s Why It’s Great to Vaccinate!

Here’s Why It’s Great to Vaccinate!

Here’s Why It’s Great to Vaccinate!

Vaccinating puppies and kittens is essential to protect their fragile immune systems from a number of potentially deadly diseases, ensuring their healthy growth and long-term well-being. But vaccinations do more than just protect your pet, they also prevent the spread of contagious illnesses to other animals and, in some cases, to humans. But it’s not just puppies and kittens—all cats and dogs, even those that live primarily indoors, should be vaccinated throughout their lives. By keeping our pets vaccinated, we maintain the overall health of the pet community and reduce the spread of treatable diseases.

The rabies vaccine is legally required for both dogs and cats; other vaccines are considered “core vaccines” for all pets, and others may be recommended based on your pet’s age, health, lifestyle, and level of risk. Your Mohnacky veterinarian will work with you to determine the appropriate vaccine protocol for your pet.

If you’re looking for a way to make keeping up to date on your pet’s vaccines easier and more affordable, ask us about a Pet Care Membership Plan! It includes all your pet’s recommended vaccines and much more!

For more information about our Pet Care Membership or the vaccines we offer, please call (760) 729-3330