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Our skilled veterinarians are experienced in performing a wide range of surgical procedures, prioritizing safety and pain management.

General Surgery 

Each surgery, whether minor or significant, receives our unwavering attention and the deepest respect for your pet’s well-being. Our state-of-the-art surgery suites support a wide range of complex procedures, all conducted within a sterile surgical suite. Our team is adept at handling most surgical procedures, but for any that fall outside our realm of expertise or require specialized tools, we won’t hesitate to suggest a specialist referral.


We leverage modern anesthetic agents for the dual benefit of enhanced safety and swift recovery, ensuring your pet’s discomfort is kept to a minimum. Our arsenal of anesthetic agents is diverse, and we meticulously select the agent or combination thereof that offers the highest degree of safety and effective pain management for your pet.

IV Catheter and Fluids 

To bolster your pet’s safety while under anesthesia, we recommend the use of an IV catheter and fluids. The catheter facilitates the delivery of anesthetics and medications, while the IV fluid drip supports your pet’s hydration. This is particularly crucial for procedures involving significant blood loss, for pets with kidney complications, or when there’s a risk of low blood pressure during anesthesia. The administered fluids help maintain blood pressure, thus safeguarding vital organs and mitigating the likelihood of anesthetic complications.

Radio Surgery 

Our radio-surgery services employ advanced frequencies and lower heat than conventional electrocautery, resulting in superior outcomes. The technique efficiently seals blood vessels and nerve endings, minimizing bleeding, pain, and swelling. Radiosurgery can completely replace the need for sutures in some instances, such as removing small tumors or warts.

Spay / Neuter 

You have made the right decision to spay/neuter your pet. Spaying or neutering is one of the most important preventative health measures you can provide for your pet. Spaying/Neutering helps pets lead longer, healthier lives. The risk of ovarian or uterine cancer and mammary tumors is significantly reduced for females. Spaying also eliminates heat cycles and their associated problems. Neutered male dogs tend to be less aggressive; the likelihood of testicular and prostate cancer decreases; the urges to “mark” their territory may lessen, and a neutered male is less likely to want to roam in search of potential mates. You are doing the right thing to help eliminate dog/cat overpopulation.  Ask about our affordable Spay/Neuter Packages.