What Sets Us Apart

There are many options for pet owners when it comes to veterinary care and we believe that our doctors, nurses and staff demonstrate compassion and dedication to our clients and the pets we serve everyday is what sets us apart! But don’t just take our word for it… 101_REASONS WHY our clients come to MAH.
Skilled Team Members

Our staff consists of members of the surrounding community and many have been a part of the MAH family long-term which allows us to establish long lasting relationships with you and your pet. We take pride in our hospital and the care we provide and to our team this is not just a job…its something we all love to do.

Excellent Patient Care

We will provide an excellent level of patient care through our medical and surgical expertise, striving to ever improve. We will act an advocate for our patients to receive the best care. We will be thorough in our patient examinations, evaluation, and recommendations.

Exceptional Client Service

We will provide clients with exceptional service by anticipating and providing for their needs and wants. We will provide personalized, warm and friendly service. We will limit client waiting time. We will follow through on any promises or commitments that we make to our clients and the pets we serve.

What To Expect

When looking for veterinary care you should expect a warm, friendly environment. MAH strives to meet this expectation and exceed it. Even with best efforts, dogs can become excited when coming into the lobby, please be prepared with a leash or harness to ensure your pet does not get loose or injured. Our staff is always available to help you with your pet if he/she becomes too excited or stressed. For their safety, all cats need to be presented in a carrier or leash. Cats can become very frightened and a carrier will allow for a small dark area to feel more secure, creating a less stressful experience.

The staff will promptly greet you and your pet and walk you to a private exam room, where your pet’s history will be obtained. The doctor and exam room nurse will follow shortly and the veterinarian will perform a ‘tip of the nose’ to ‘tip of the tail’ physical examination, discussing any findings and giving you options in care if appropriate. The veterinarian will stay with you until you have all your questions answered. The nurse will then present you with a medical treatment plan describing the veterinarians recommended care and costs associated. We pride ourselves in providing best medical recommendations but alternative treatment plans, flexibility in treatment, and other aspects will be suggested when necessary to provide workable solutions to your family.

The pet will be escorted to the treatment area where our skilled & compassionate staff will perform the doctor’s plan. The treatment area is designed for the pets comfort and safety. We are committed to making your pets experience as positive as possible. While your pet is in our care for treatment or boarding with us, we will treat him/her as part of our family. We use minimal restraint if possible and give a lot of positive reinforcement while your pet is receiving treatment. Our goal is that our patients LOVE coming in for appointments and views our staff as their “other family”. The technicians will be thorough but respectful of your time. So our goal is to reunite you and your pet as quickly as possible.

At the end of the visit, the doctor or staff member will review the services your pet received and go over any medications and home care instructions. They will help you understand and plan for your pet’s future healthcare needs.