Carlsbad Reproductive Specialty ServicesSamantha Souther, DVM, DACT is a board-certified small animal reproduction specialist. Dr. Souther believes that healthy litters and future generations depend upon communication and partnering with breeders. She welcomes breeder input and ideas when it comes to their lines and understands that every breed is unique and requires individual assessment. Dr. Souther offers exemplary skills, expertise, and the compassion needed to help guide the reproductive process. Based at Mohnacky Animal Hospital of Carlsbad, Dr. Souther is ready to meet the needs of breeders throughout Southern California and welcomes referrals from local veterinarians.

Having a breeding plan is essential to successful and recurrent litters. A comprehensive health evaluation and consultation ensures that your pet is healthy prior to breeding. Genetic testing and counseling are two key factors in producing quality lines for future generations.

Dr Souther offers the following Reproductive Services:

  • Ovulation Timing
  • Semen Evaluation and Cryopreservation
  • Transcervical Insemination
  • Pregnancy Evaluation and Management
  • Cesarean Section
  • Neonatal Care

If you are ready to start a breeding program, please call us to schedule a pre-breeding examination and assessment with Dr. Souther. You may also fill out the form below: