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They take such good care of our pup and our pup loves them!

Chelsea B March 7, 2018

Christine Hendricks arranged for us to meet with the vet on short notice. She was extremely kind and professional in our discussions over the phone. Dr. Djordjevich gave us a clear picture of all treatment options for our beloved dog, Sonny. Thank you so much!

Jesus P March 7, 2018

Using this hospital for my dog's for several years now. No that I m just happy about staff in this facility and Dr. Zoran Djordjevic, I m also very impressed how they do business and treat each client with respect and appreciation. Strongly recommend this hospital for your pets. You will be more than happy, no just you as pet owner, pets too.

Thank you guys for your grate service and work. You are best of the best!

Will Deretich March 7, 2018

I highly recommend Mohnacky Animal Hospital Carlsbad.

It is bright, clean, and modern with a very caring and knowledgeable front office and Vets and RNs and Technicians. Parking is easy once you know how to access the windy road between the mall parking lot and the Freeway.

But here is the Why, I am writing this review.

Saturday am, my Rattie (Rat Terrier) could barely open his left eye. Within 45 minutes I was at Mohnacky after speaking to the front desk, letting them know I needed to see a vet soon.

I checked in and was led into an exam room with my shaking (scared lil guy) Jackson. The intake gal (I need to get her name, she was comforting, kind and efficient) asked me if we had a preference for a particular doctor. I said, "no". Within a couple minutes, Dr. King walked in, introduced herself and took in the play by play through my tears. She was very reassuring and even though Jackson was shaking and nervous, she had him calmer right away.

After our exchange, she and the RN left the room. The RN returned and provided me with a list of work (like you get from your dentist before they do anything with your teeth). I had lots of questions, which was gracious and knowledgeable responded to with respect.

I left Jackson with them for less than an hour and returned with the diagnosis and treatment plan. Another nurse who saw me offered a beverage and retrieved a hot cup of coffee for me, something that was missing from this unusual morning rush to get my baby to the vet. That gesture was a big comfort. Almost half way through my cup of coffee, another Nurse came in and provided instructions for administering drops in Jackson's eyes. She was so relatable and optimistic with a big smile.

I am only 18 months into being a dog mom so this was leaving on a good note!

As I checked out, Bliss, who was at the front desk, retrieved Jackson. I like how she handled him and how gentle and kind she was, not only to him but to me too. She has a very calming reassuring demeanor, as well.
She scheduled the follow up and reminder phone call, too. She even put on a cute bandana on JAckson before getting him to me.

Another biggie to mention is that they have a Plan for about $150 that covers unlimited Dr. visits and 2 rounds of required vaccinations for one year. This is easily a very good value.

Big thank you to each of the professionals who collectively worked as a team to care for Jackson. We are grateful. Each of you is amazing!

Michelle A March 7, 2018

The vet and staff took such good care of Sunny! She was a sick girl, and is better and at home thanks to Mohnacky Animal hospital. We will now use them as our regular vet, we were so happy with their service.

Lori L March 7, 2018

My pup Hank, was very well taken care of! He has very bad separation anxiety and they really made sure to make him and I feel very comfortable with him being left to be Neutered!

Alexis H March 7, 2018

You are all so very wonderful with our babies. I would not take them anywhere else. Dr. Djordavich is an amazing doctor with skills beyond belief. He is our personal dog whisperer. He seems to be the only one that truly gets Goliath. Thank you for the love you all show our babies.

Raquel A March 7, 2018

Thank you for caring for our Macie girl. I have nothing but positive thoughts for our experience with you today. You cared for her throughout her treatment and kept me updated. I will recommend you to my friends

Sarah F March 7, 2018

I really appreciate Mohnacky Animal Hopsital!! The care for our cat was exceptional. The staff was knowledgeable and extremely friendly, kind, and willing to work with us. The vet did not seem impatient at all as we asked a million questions.

We have been here for basic shots and physicals before and been happy, but this was the first time we needed help in diagnosing a treating a truly ill pet. We were very happy with the care we received and will be back again.

Samantha T March 7, 2018

I had a very positive experience! The staff was beyond friendly and Carly couldn't have been any more helpful! I came in very concerned about my dog and left feeling like "my baby" was going to be fine. I really appreciated the quality care and the overall support.

Rhonda M March 7, 2018

We take our german shepherd Sequoia here and I can’t say enough great things about the team at Mohnacky Carlsbad! They’re always smiling, eager to help, and friendly to be around. I wish the human doctor was as awesome as they are!!

Stephen K March 7, 2018